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29 Jun 2017

EFPIA, EBE and Vaccines Europe Back EU Leadership in Sustainable, Collaborative Fight Against AMR

The launch of the European Commission’s Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) confirms the EU’s determination to take a leading role in combatting this phenomenon, by proposing concrete and innovative solutions to benefit patients worldwide....

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26 Apr 2017

Intellectual Property: the key to innovation and survival for small and medium-sized biopharma companies

Today is World Intellectual Property day, an opportunity to reflect on the relevance of intellectual property rights to society where invention and innovation is valued for the greater benefit of all. ...

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09 Mar 2017

EBE, EFPIA and IFPMA Have Today Launched a Position Paper Entitled “Considerations for Physicians on Switching Decisions Regarding Biosimilars”

Switching describes a physician's decision to exchange one product that a patient receives for another. With the introduction of biosimilars, physicians may be encouraged to switch patients from an original biologic (reference product) to any of its biosimilars (or vice versa) in order to reduce costs. ...

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18 Sep 2017

EBE-EFPIA Set Out Policy Positions in Their Personalised Medicines Manifesto

The EBE-EFPIA Personalised Medicine Working Group have developed a Manifesto that aims to highlight policy elements that are considered essential to ensure that personalised medicines and their paired diagnostic tests, also called companion diagnostics, successfully reach patients....

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09 Mar 2017

EBE, EFPIA and IFPMA position paper “Considerations for physicians on switching decisions regarding biosimilars”

Switching describes a physician's decision to exchange one product that a patient receives for another. With the introduction of biosimilars, physicians may be encouraged to switch patients...

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12 Oct 2016

EBE Position Paper ” A Risk-based Approach to Setting Sterile Filtration Bioburden Limits”

As part of the submission supporting the request for a marketing authorisation, medicines must demonstrate that they are of appropriate quality, which often includes a demonstration of sterility.  B...

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28 Aug 2017

Escher “Pharmacovigilance of Biologics” Project – Outcome

The 2015 Escher project ‘Pharmacovigilance of Biologics’ investigated how adverse reactions to biologic medicines are recorded in different settings in the Netherlands, aiming to understand ho...

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02 Jun 2017

Reinventing the European Advanced Therapies Sector: An Interview with Eduardo Bravo

In this interview with Eduardo Bravo, CEO of TiGenix and President of the Board of the European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE), we discuss the increasing challenge for EU biotech companies to commercialise at home, and the accelerating departure of cutting-edge European biotech start-ups through IPOs and, increasingly, mergers and acquisitions. Interview by Duane Schulthess/Vitaltransformation.com ...

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10 May 2017

What pricing and reimbursement policies to use for off-patent biologicals? – Results from the second EBE biological medicines policy survey

Objective: Biosimilar policies with a focus on uptake have received a lot of attention at national and regional level in the last few years. It is now 10 years since the first biosimilar was approved in the European Union, but do policies in the Member States take the differences between biological medicines and small-molecule generics into account? To map the policy landscape in Europe, European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE) has conducted a second round of its descriptive survey of pricing and reimbursement policies for off-patent biologicals....

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Illness never stops, so neither do we. Thank you @JanssenEMEA for your pledge #WeWontRest https://t.co/fggcWR5RIw

#BloodTissuesCellsEU Great discussion on the discrepancy in approaches between EU MS - is that appropriate in the face of global diseases?

#BloodTissuesCellsEU Great summary by Jacqueline Barry why a better interface between legislations will help bring ATMPs to patients.

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