Advantages of biotechnology in developing novel medicines

Biotechnology allows the development and production of new substances that were previously beyond the capacity of traditional technologies. This includes the design and production of new drugs with greater potency and specificity and, consequently, fewer side effects. One example of this is the treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Concerns about product safety in developed countries have largely been removed thanks to the development of biopharmaceuticals. Biotechnology offers a greater control over the manufacturing process, allowing significant reduction in risks of contamination through infectious pathogens. A prime example is the blood products used to treat haemophilia.

Biotechnology offers better product-targeting for specific diseases and patient groups, through the use of innovative technologies, in particular, genetics. Examples include, amongst others, treatments for rare diseases and cancers.

Some products are not naturally created in sufficient quantities for therapeutic purposes. Biotechnology makes large-scale production of existing substances possible, for example, insulin in the field of diabetes treatment.

Value of Biopharmaceutical Industry