Energise Biopharma in Europe – EBE 2013: Be the Innovation and Impact Annual Conference and General Assembly

Square Meeting Centre, Brussels, Belgium
Starting: 06/24/2013 12:00am - Ending: 06/24/2013 12:00am

The European Biopharmaceutical Enterprise (EBE) held its annual conference at the Square Brussels Meeting Centre on 24 June 2013.
Over 90 participants from industry, patient organisations, European institutions, the financial community and media, all with a shared interest in healthcare biotechnology, attended this event.
“As president of EBE this is for me the first EBE conference of this scale and I am honored to welcome everyone to Energise Biopharma in Europe.” said Roberto Gradnik, CEO of Stallergenes, in his opening notes.
Roberto Gradnik continued to share his thoughts on the Biopharmaceutical sector being today a strategic asset for Europe’s public health, medical research and economy. While the sector is mostly composed of very small companies, the contribution to Europe of the biotech sector as a whole is considerable. He also underlined the improvement of the clinical outcomes and better value for healthcare spending that Personalised Medicines can bring.
Patients’ access to medicines should be faster and more efficient; the latest scientific advances should sustain drug development and regulatory environment, as well as price and reimbursement.
Roberto ended his opening remarks by recalling the vision of EBE ‘to foster innovation and engage with stakeholders in the healthcare sector’ before welcoming Arnd Hoeveler, Head of Unit of Advanced Therapies, in the Research Directorate in the European Commission who presented the “opportunities for industries in health under Horizon 2020”.
Horizon 2020 seems promising for small and medium companies in addition to supporting the most innovative areas such as advanced therapies.
Moderated by Cathy Smith, former BBC journalist, a lively discussion took place with the panellists and the audience. We heard comments such as:
“Regulators, healthcare systems, payers all need to get ready for the new science and further collaborative research is needed.” stressed Tom Lillie, Chair of EBE Personalised Medicines Task Force.
Further discussion points and comments can be found here.
To energise biopharma for the future, the innovation models need to be fast, flexible, adaptive, cost efficient and more collaborative. Let’s not dream – let’s be real! Let’s see Europe as an innovator and work together on all levels. We thank you for your participation and look forward to welcoming you to EBE’s Annual Meetings on 20 May 2014 in Brussels.

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