Optimising the Development of ATMPs to Meet Patient Needs – The fifth annual regulatory conference organised by the European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE) in collaboration with the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

London, CCT Venues Plus, 40 Bank Street (32nd floor), Canary Wharf.
Starting: 12/16/2016 12:00am - Ending: 12/16/2016 12:00am

Europe is a world-leader in the development of cutting edge Advanced Therapies Medicinal Products (ATMPs) including gene therapies. This conference, organised in collaboration with the EMA, has featured a gathering of international thought-leaders who highlighted initiatives to improve the access to ATMPs for patients, as well as outlined the needs for their development and commercialisation within the EU.

Event programme

Event report

Speakers’ presentations:

Ana Hidalgo-Simon, EMA
Ilona Reischl, BASG
Salah-Dine Chibout, Novartis
Steve Howe, GSK
Ke Liu, FDA
Diego Ardigo, Chiesi
Ann Gorman, Amgen
Martine Pergent, IPOPI
Nils Braun & Jean-Christophe Pagès, HCB                    
Christophe Hoeller, Medical University of Vienna

Brigitte Anliker, PEI
Anna Bucsics, University of Vienna
Christiane Niederlaender, MHRA 
Joep Muijrers, LSP

Sven Kili, GSK

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