16 Dec 2015

Event Report: The fourth annual regulatory policy summit organised by the European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

Emerging Medicinal Products – from Laboratory to Patient Use: 14th December 2015, London...

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16 Nov 2015

Interview with Emil Pot, co-founder of ActoGeniX: Europe needs larger investment funds to create a funding escalator from phase II to phase III

With more companies advancing innovative therapies to the end of phase II, the funding requirements of European biotech are spiralling. A new initiative is required to create large and liquid funds to support the next stage of growth and ensure Europe reaps the benefits – both medical and commercial – of its excellent research, says Emil Pot....

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16 Nov 2015

Report from the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) Investor Day in London: As cell and gene therapies turn in positive clinical data, attention turns to delivery to patients

After huge investment in the basic science and translation to the clinic, Europe’s advanced therapies companies are accumulating data, which indicate these products have an unprecedented effect. Now effort is needed to develop manufacturing, organise logistics, agree reimbursement and ensure patients get the benefits. Vital Transformation reports for EBE from the ARM Conference....

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08 Sep 2015

Save the date – 14 December 2015: EBE-EMA Regulatory Seminar: Emerging Medicinal Products – from laboratory to patient use

 The fourth annual regulatory policy summit organised by EBE and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is now open for registration. The 2015 conference will aim at addressing emerging medicinal produ...

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04 Sep 2015

EBE releases White Paper on Personalised Medicine with a focus on key challenges

EBE today launches its White Paper on Personalised Medicine, which explains the concept and benefits of personalised medicine and sets out key challenges to overcome to make personalised medicine...

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21 Apr 2015

Event Report: Launch of European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE) and Vital Transformation Report, “Europe’s Emerging Science: Putting Advanced Therapies into Practice to Deliver Better Health”

On 15 April, thought leaders met in Lyon, France to take part in a panel discussion and Q&A on the potential of advanced therapies and the challenges we face in implementing them in Europe. The ev...

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27 Mar 2015

WEBINAR: Stem Cells, Gene Therapies, and Tissue Engineering: How do we Put Advanced Therapies into Practice in Europe?

On 16 March, EBE, in collaboration with Vital Transformation and BioVision, held the webinar "Stem Cells, Gene Therapies, and Tissue Engineering: How do we Put Advanced Therapies into Practice in Europe?" in support of the new report on Advanced Therapies being released by EBE and Vital Transformation in Lyon, April 15th at the BioVision conference. The webinar materials and recording are now available for download. ...

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03 Feb 2015

New EBR article by EBE

The January 2015 edition of the European Biopharmaceutical Review (EBR) is now live. Published quarterly, EBR provides a dedicated platform of communication and information for the European biopharmaceutical market across Europe, North America & the rest of the world. For our article on the funding challenges of the biopharmaceutical industry please click here. To read the full magazine, please click here....

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30 Nov 2014

EBE and ESCHER launched new project ‘Pharmacovigilance of biologics’

Escher, the TI Pharma platform for regulatory innovation, launched a new project,‘Pharmacovigilance of biologics’ in November 2014. It will address the challenges of product and batch traceability...

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13 Nov 2014


Booklet Annex ...

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