09 Jul 2013

Priority Medicines for Europe and the World

On Tuesday 9th of July, the 2013 Report Priority Medicines for Europe and the World, produced by the World Health Organisation with financial and technical assistance from the European Commission, was launched in Brussels....

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04 Jul 2013

Energise Biopharma in Europe – EBE 2013: Be the Innovation and Impact Annual Conference and General Assembly

By Titta Rosvall-Puplett, EBE Executive Director The European Biopharmaceutical Enterprise (EBE) held its annual conference at the Square Brussels Meeting Centre on 24 June 2013....

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03 Jul 2013

Future of Open and Collaborative Research

Strengthening the Participation of Innovative Small and Medium Sized Enterprises- Horizon 2020: European Framework Programme 8. Horizon 2020 is the financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union, A Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness....

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12 Apr 2013

Energising Biopharma in Europe: Collaboration breeds innovation

By Titta Rosvall-Puplett, EBE Executive Director (Source: New European Economy - April 2013) Europe has supported the birth of the healthcare biotechnology industry. It provides significant value to medical innovation, public health and the economy, and more than 325 million patients have so far benefited from biotech medicines....

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01 Dec 2012

“How to strengthen the biopharma ecosystem” : Commentary by EBE President, Dr Roberto Gradnik

By Roberto Gradnik, President of EBE and CEO of Stallergenes (Source: MedNous November/December 2013) The sustainability of the biopharmapharmaceutical sector depends on a continual flow of new startups to both feed Big Pharma's pipelines and to create the next generation of emerging mid-cap companies....

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