Biopharmaceutical SMEs convene to discuss funding strategies

02 Apr 2014

(Brussels, 2 April 2014)  Biopharmaceutical SMEs convene to discuss funding strategies

Last week, on 27 March 2014, 65 SMEs and stakeholders in Biopharmaceutical Innovation met to discuss public funding strategies for small companies at a workshop in Brussels organised by European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises, EBE, and European Biotechnology Network, EBN, two organisations that support SME-driven life science development.

“Europe is a global leader in biopharmaceuticals and I am delighted to recognize the effort and  European Union is investing in supporting a thriving innovation ecosystem represented largely by SMEs that represent SMEs make up some 2/3 of industry’s employment.” Stated Roberto Gradnik, President EBE.

Biotech companies, which are represented by EBE, are important contributors to Europe’s growth and innovation agenda: 50% of medicines in the pharmaceutical pipeline and 20% of all marketed medicines come from biotech.

However, as Venture Funding is more active in late stage development, Public Funding and Collaborative Research projects, such as the ones brought by Horizon 2020 and IMI will be a huge power to support the earlier development for ambitious biopharmaceutical SMEs.

“Public Funding instruments are vital tools for the SME pipeline and these need to be integrated in the long term entrepreneurial business strategy, however they are not served on a silver plate. SMEs have limited resources, therefore often times an active expert network is life saving.” Stated Claire Skentelbery, Secretary General, EBN.

Titta Rosvall-Puplett concluded that “Regulatory Pathways Development and Intellectual Property Management are critical parts of building innovation strategies and SMEs should consider these as early on as possible. Plenty of advise can be sought directly from European Medicines Agency’s SME Office ( and Horizon 2020 ( as well as Innovative Medicines Initiative (“

Click here for program, all presentations, list of attendees and speakers bios.

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European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises, EBE, is the European Trade Association representing the views of biopharmaceutical companies. EBE acts as Europe’s expert voice for emerging bioscience & technology and leading platform for health innovation ecosystems.

The European Biotechnology Network, EBN, is a network with the mission to build partnerships across sectors, countries and organizations.  It runs a thriving Funding Hub around collaborative R&D opportunities and builds partnerships around science and deliverables.

EBE and EBN thanks BioWin, European Biotechnology Network and Regione Lombardia
for collaboration!

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