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Industry welcomes translated versions of the European consensus document of biosimilar medicines – (paper is now available in five languages)

25 Jun 2014
After its successful launch in May 2013, the European Consensus Information Paper What you need to know about Biosimilar Medicinal Products is now available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and later this summer, Portuguese.

This important comprehensive paper is a result of a co-operation of all relevant European stakeholders. It provides a clear and unbiased view of biosimilar medicines and how they are contributing to healthcare in Europe.  It was elaborated in the context  of the European Commission’s Process on Corporate Responsibility in the Field of Pharmaceuticals and specifically the platform “Access to Medicines in Europe”, which focused on a number of topics including biosimilar medicines.

This collaboration has since continued in order to make this multi-stakeholder paper accessible for patients, healthcare professionals, scientific societies and competent authorities in more languages. The involvement of industry, patient representatives, clinicians and national payers and the Commission ensured that these translations remain faithful to the original document.

The Consensus Information Paper What you need to know about Biosimilar Medicinal Products is available inEnglish, French, German, Italian and Spanish heretogether with the other deliverables of the Project Group on Market Access and Uptake of Biosimilars.

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