EBE Position Paper on the Use of Omics Technologies in the Development of Personalised Medines

16 Dec 2013

The European Commission (EC) has recently published a report on ‘Use of ‘-omics’ technologies in the development of personalised medicine’. The report has been analysed by European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises, EBE, – the trade association representing the views of biopharmaceutical companies using biotechnology to develop innovative therapies.

Many of EBE’s members are engaged in the development of personalised medicines and companion diagnostics, often utilising ‘omics’ technologies in the discovery of these innovative therapies. EBE considers the development of personalised medicines as an important area of scientific innovation that can bring significant benefits to both patients and healthcare systems. To ensure that the EU remains at the forefront of development of these technologies, EBE believes that the EU Institutions must continue to encourage innovation with appropriate industrial policy, regulatory provisions and a fit-for-purpose reimbursement environment.

Read the position paper here

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